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Spread Doctor is a personalized sports wagering professional that has customizable sports wagering packages for all levels. There are several options as to how you can have the Spread Doctor increase your return on investment:

1.) Purchase one of our subscription sports picks packages.

2.) Request to be contacted by the Spread Doctor directly to go over a more advanced wagering option.



Our “All Sports Picks Package” Includes:

NBA, NFL, MLB and NCAA College Sports.

Once you have chosen one of the packages, you will be directed to the picks for that week. Picks are posted the night before the game(s) or the day of the game(s) to ensure that there hasn’t been a substantial line shift, inclement weather, or any other factor that may decrease the value of a Spread Doctor pick. Choosing a subscription package will provide you with 5 NCAA College Football Picks per week and 5 NFL Football Picks per week. The Weekend Access Package will give you 10 total picks for the weekend. Meaning, there may be more NFL picks than College picks and vice versa. Spread Doctor only posts confident picks with a higher than 70% chance of covering, therefore, some weeks there may be less than 10 picks posted and some weeks there may be more than 10 picks posted. Picks are accompanied by an email explaining why the picks were posted. There is no rating system such as 1-5 Stars or Confidence level, etc. ALL picks posted by Spread Doctor are picks that are supposed to cover, and you should wager accordingly.

Advanced Personalized Wagering Package

Choosing the more advanced wagering option will allow you to be contacted directly by the Spread Doctor himself to determine what type of sports gambler you are. Whether you are risking $100 per game or $10,000 + per game, Spread Doctor can help increase your return on Investment.  Spread Doctor will go through an analysis of your past wagers, how much you wager, how many times you prefer to wager during a week or weekend, analyze your income v. how much you are wagering, and put together a personalized sports wagering plan for you with quarterly-profit goals based on the college and NFL football seasons.

Spread Doctor uses winning strategies and techniques that have been developed over time to consistently beat Vegas spread lines.  The strategies and techniques surpass studying injury reports, weather, and opponents.  Spread Doctor uses his proprietary strategies and techniques when deciding to wager on a sports game.  A decision to place a wager on a certain sports game is reviewed and calculated with the highest level of scrutiny to determine whether or not there is enough value on a certain game to make it worth the wager.  Therefore, you will not be flooded with games to wager on each day, but rather, you will be guided and informed on why certain games were chosen, allowing you to make a decision on whether or not you want to wager on a certain game picked by the Spread Doctor.

Call or email the Spread Doctor today to inquire about the Advanced Personal Wagering Package

Spread Doctor is a subsidiary of TB Sports, LLC.  TB Sports, LLC has no affiliation with the NFL, MLB, NBA or NCAA.  This is a not a sports wagering site, and it is illegal to wager on sports in States where sports wagering has not been legalized.  The picks posted on the site are the opinions of the Spread Doctor and are not taken from any other source.  Spread Doctor makes no guarantees that the picks posted are “winning” picks, and advises that there is always a possibility to lose when wagering on sports.  All information on the site is for entertainment purposes only.